Dragon Ritual Drummers “Warriors of the Earth”

Dragon Ritual Drummers

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September 4, 2010 we had the honor of doing fire performance at the Dragon Ritual Drummers “Warriors of the Earth” Ceremony and Concert held at Nine Woods Forest. This eclectic drumming troupe from the Niagara region is a festival favorite at Brushwood Folklore Center, and I first got to hear them closing up the musical stage on Saturday night of Sirius Rising 2010. Their music is energetic and dance inspiring, drawing inspiration from cultures around the world. The songs are primarily instrumental, focused on tribal percussion with minimal toned instruments and vocal chanting. During live shows, the band engages the audience with stories of the songs background, and by the end of the set you are left feeling that you truly went on journey. – Gillian Tunney

From the last.fm page:

The Dragon Ritual Drummers are a drumming troupe consisting of members of the Niagara Pagan Men’s circle. The group began as a way for us to express the wonderful magick and manifestation that we routinely share. We chose the Dragon Ritual Drummers name for the infamous dragon spirit that resides in and around the brink of Niagara falls. With the original inhabitants now extinct, we began to awaken and befriend the dragon spirit through meditations, offerings and ritual.

Dragon Ritual Drummers are playing next at Rochester Pagan Pride in Rochester NY on Sep 11 2010 at3:00Pm
Read more: http://www.myspace.com/dragonritualdrummers#ixzz0ytqMtjib
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Dragon Ritual Drummers