Buffalo Infringement Festival 2011 Street Performances!

Gillian : Fire Hoop

Gillian : Fire Staff

Potter : Fire Fans

Photo Credit: Jose Rodriguez

Been out on Allentown with Gillian the past few nights between Lagniappes Lucky Dogs and Nietzsches during Buffalo Infringement Festival 2011. Our audiences have been wonderful, last night some folks from 12/8th Path Band joined us on percussion and it was bloody awesome. They are our favorite band in Buffalo to play with and we are looking forward to being next to them at Curtain Up!

We’ll be out tonight around midnight and quite possibly again tomorrow night.

Love sets Fire.
Potter Dee.

The Good Neighborhood: Where the heART Is – 2011 Infringement Fest in Review

“There is a spirit to the festival that would benefit us all if infused into the other 354 days of the year. It’s a sense of exploration, discovery, creativity, and celebration. It seems during those 11 bustling days that anything is possible – there are no boundaries, no restrictions, and no judgment. It’s a space where art is created organically and with intention, with the support of a strong and organized community.”
~Anna Laurie Miller