Props: Fire eating, fire breathing, poi, sword, dragon staff, fans

Fuego has been unnaturally attracted to fire since she was a small child. Hoarding magnifying glasses to try to burn leaves (never ants, that’s cruel) turned into collecting lighters and candles in her teens and early twenties. The mid to late twenties created a bond with fire, as she had more opportunity to build and tend fires while camping. This is where she learned respect for fire. Thirty brought a new change. A relationship with fire. Fuego learned that fire likes to play, and be played with, and a friendship was born. Now Fuego takes pleasure stunning audiences with resistance to flame, an awe inspiring ability to be on fire and not burn, to transfer fire from one torch to another using skin or even her tongue, and, ultimately to consume fire, bringing warmth to her soul; and shock from the crowd. Fuego is constantly experimenting with different ways to play with her friendly fire, and learn new ways to not burn herself. Fuego also dabbles in spinning fire poi, and is dedicated to learning as many fire toys as she can.