Maia Alexandra

Maia Alexandra has been a professional dancer since 1997, and is a multi-award winning bellydance performer and teacher. She came to fire relatively recently when attending a middle eastern dance retreat and saw another dancer using a flaming hula hoop. Instantly entranced, Maia swore at that moment that she must learn this truly beautiful art. She scoured the internet for resources, learned to make her own hoops, and made many friends in the hooping community. Her first burn was July 2008, and now Maia has expanded her repertoire to include palm torches, fire eating, and a flaming jump rope as well as her 8 spoke LED/ Fire combination hoop.

She has great respect for the flame, and those who wield it.

Maia loves to flow through the conjunction of movement, music, and theatrics. She hopes to create vivid and memorable performances that are as artful and inspiring to others as the first hooper she saw was to her.

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