Phil Wackerfuss

Props: Staff, sword, fans

Phil Wackerfuss hails from the land of Chicago, IL. With a BA in Theatre Arts from Illinois Wesleyan Univ, he came to Buffalo 4 years ago to work for Buffalo’s premier touring dance company, LehrerDance. With LehrerDance, he has travelled across the country and the globe, using experience from all kinds of theatrical performance to wow audiences from Germany to Russia in the LehrerDance jazz-modern style of circularity, 3-dimensionality, and momentum that we call “Organic Athleticism”. Always wanting to expand talents and enhance physical feats, Phil picked up something like a staff from a prop mistress and began playing with incorporating it in a dance. Drawing inspiration from martial arts, modern dance, and a sense of mythology, Phil is honing his fire-play with staff, sword, and whatever else works naturally with his body, seeing it all as part of a larger practice of meditation and wholeness of being. Self-taught in spinning for a year, he has recently joined forces with Pyromancy and continues to spread knowledge and learn from the varied experiences of those around him.

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