In 2007 Holly Rutkowski aka Madam Moonshyn began exploring dance, flow and manipulation with props. Hula hooping has become a way of dancing as well as a meditative outlet. Being completely mesmerized with fire it was naturally the next step. Holly’s style of performing reflects her intense but very down to earth personality. She gives 100 percent in every show which can be very personal and provocative. Holly’s skills have broadened to fire orb, silk flags, palm torches, fleshing, sustained spinning and fire fingers. Holly has traveled out of state and even out of country to perfect her skills at various retreats and workshops and doesn’t plan to stop burning any time soon!

Holly has performed at events such as Elmwood Art Festival, Infringement Festival, Curtain Up, Party for the Parks, Riverfest, Peep Show, Family Dawgz Campout, The Weekend Off and Venues such as Town Ballroom, PURE, Norfolk Music Park and Noir.

When Holly isnt performing she is making natural body products, repurposed clothing and working as a Homeless Outreach Case Manager for a local nonprofit.

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