/ˈpaɪrəˌmænsi/ [pahy-ruh-man-see]
divination by fire, or by forms appearing in fire.

Pyromancy Fire Performance Troupe specializes in promoting the art of Fire Dancing, Object Manipulation, Circus and Flow Arts. Founded in 2010, they have performed at over 70 public and private events in the Western New York area. The troupe is made up of skilled and dedicated performers from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about sharing their love of fire spinning and dancing!

Interested in adding a unique spectacle to your next party, festival, or community event? Delivering a entertaining, safe and professional performance is the utmost priority for us! Information on our safety protocol and insurance policies is found here. We have a full range of fire and LED props to accommodate outdoor, indoor and daytime events. Options for performance include individuals , troupe, single act, full show and background entertainment. We are located in Buffalo, NY, USA and can travel to your location. Please contact or call us ( 716.875.0791 ) with your specific requirements and we will tailor a performance to suit your needs.

What: Fire, LED, and Daylight performances using a wide variety of props. Includes: Poi, Single and Multi Hooping, Staff, Baton, Fans, 3-Section Staff, Samoan Hook Knives, Rope Dart, Sword, Jump Rope, Levistick / Flow Wand, Palm Torches, Juggling, Stilts, Fire Eating and Breathing, Flags and Streamers. Inspiration is drawn from martial arts weapons, baton twirling/colorgaurd, electronic music scene, magic and illusion and traditional belly dance. Interactive options offered include rental of practice / led hoops for guests, hoop making, and event instruction and workshops.

Where: We have performed at events ranging from concerts, private parties, street performances, art festivals, nightclubs, stage productions, television and film shoots. Please check out our comprehensive list of past performances and media coverage on the press page! During the off season we host an open weekly spinjam and skill share and are dedicated to teaching and spreading the word about these amazing arts!

Watch our promo reels to get an preview of our wide variety of talented performers.