First Friday Gallery Walk in Allentown!!!

We’re looking for someone in Allentown who would like to host Pyromancy next Friday for the gallery walk. We need an outdoor space, the larger the better to spin fire at. You want a ton of people at your place, we’ll bring them in. We’re looking to do 15-30 minutes of spinning not long after dusk, 9:30 or so. This will be all sorts of fun, your patrons will have a fantastic time and nothing draws in crowds like fire. We’ll put up fliers and advertise online, all we ask is to be able to pass a hat. If things go well, we’d love to have a place we could perform at on a semi regular basis.

The space should be at least 20×20 feet, not counting space for a crowd, with no low hanging wires or trees and reasonably smooth ground. We’ll bring our own barriers, musician (David Adamzyk on the Violin) and all the rest of the supplies we need.

Who couldn’t use a free fire show?