Safety Protocol

Safety First!

Pyromancy takes safety seriously, and we dedicated to providing secure and positive experience.

Each of our performers has gone through a professional fire safety class, adhere to good practice in performance, and perform safety/equipment checks before every performance. We bring a full compliment of safety equipment, not limited to; audience barrier markers, fire extinguishers, fire proof towels, first aid kit, MSDS sheets for all fuels and chemicals, insurance policy documentation and an unblemished record of safety.

Before finalizing plans for a show we will come and examine the performance space to ensure adequate space and to check for any potential hazards. Before each show,we set up a fuel dump well away from the audience and performers, check all equipment for damage, go over our communications. During the show, a dedicated safety will monitor not only the performers, but the audience and surrounding areas. We reserve the right to modify or refuse a performance if we do not feel we can safely perform in a venue. Glow/LED and non-fire performances can also be arranged to accommodate the venue.

We adhere to North American Fire Arts Association safety regulations and guidelines.

Fuego is the group’s lead safety coordinator. She holds American Red Cross Certifications in First Aid and CPR.

Specialty Insurance Agency

Six of our performers ( Potter Dee, Gillian Tunney, Fuego, Shoola, Maia Alexandra and Leo Powell ) are insured by Specialty
Insurance Agency – Entertainer Insurance
though January 1, 2013.

The Performers of the US insurance program is designed for the individual who is entertaining the public. The policy provides protection against bodily injury or property damage to a spectator during your performance.

The 2012 – 2013 shared policy limits of coverage for all members are as follows:
Each Occurrence: $3,000,000 (bodily injury & property damage to others)
Damage to Rented Premises: $100,000 (to rented premises)
Personal & Advertising Injury: $3,000,000 (hurting someone’s feelings)
General Aggregate: $5,000,000 (the most the policy will pay out during the policy year)
Products – Completed Op. Agg.: $5,000,000 (the most the policy will pay out during the policy year)
Medical Expenses: $5,000 (emergency medical to others injured by you)

Additional information is found on Specialty Insurance’s website.

Insurance documentation will be made available upon request!