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Fire Spinning Safety Workshop – May 14th 2016

Fire Spinning Safety Workshop presented by Pyromancy | Lasalle Park Amphitheater Amvets Dr Buffalo NY 14201 (map) | Saturday, May 14th 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Workshop Payments Now Closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Tickets: $40 Single Pass (day of workshop)
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This comprehensive 2 hr workshop will cover everything you need to know about safely dancing and spinning with fire. The workshop will start with a lecture followed by a Q&A session. Then we will follow with hands on practice putting out both props and people. Afterwards we will have time to play and have a wide variety of props to demo and try.

Workshop session will be capped at 20 to maintain personalized atmosphere. Reserve your spot in advance with discounted presale tickets above. Class fee is $40 payable in cash on arrival at the event. All people are welcome, especially those who have never used fire before! If you are new or a solo fire spinner, consider bringing a friend who would like to learn to be your safety. Discounted presale tickets are available for pairs above. This is a rain or shine activity as the amphitheater provides adequate protection. Please bring warm clothing and something to sit on. All participants must be sober.

Class materials will include a variety of handouts like safety guidelines and check lists, MSDS sheets for common fuels, contacts and online resources.

We will be covering:
– Mandatory safety equipment and proper protocol
– Protecting yourself
– Fuel selection
– What is a Fire Safety Person and why you need one every single time you play with fire
– How to set up a safe fire spinning area and fuel dump
– How to extinguish a prop, person or fuel dump fire
– Communication between safeties, spinners and audience.
– LOCAL fire law regulations and event permits
– Communicating effectively with authorities
– Discussion of recent negative events in the news, changing legal situations, and the future of fire arts

We really can’t stress enough, proper safety is needed if we want to keep fire spinning legal. Two recent accidents in Florida, coupled with increased legislation in cities like NYC, SF, Seattle, and elsewhere, have put fire spinning in the legal cross-hairs. We have a great situation here in Buffalo and really want to keep it that way! Come learn how to be responsible and safe for yourself and others!

About Us:
Workshop will be led by Potter Dee and Fuego Barr of Pyromancy Fire Performance Troupe. They are constantly updating their knowledge and skill set by attending yearly safety training workshops at Wildfire Fire Retreat. As resident fire safety coordinators at Brushwood Folklore Center, they have shared their passion for responsible fire dancing and building community since 2012.

Pyromancy Fire Performance Troupe specializes in promoting the art of Fire Dancing, Object Manipulation, Circus and Flow Arts. Founded in 2010, they have performed at over 200 public and private events in the Western New York area. The troupe is made up of skilled and dedicated performers from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about sharing their love of fire spinning and dancing!

Workshop Offerings

We have created a variety of object manipulation workshops which were presented at different festivals and retreats. These are available to host at your event! Please contact us to arrange workshops in your area. New workshops can be added and presented material can be customized to meet the specific needs of the event.

Wildfire Retreat August 2012
Three Section Staff Workshop at Wildfire Retreat (8-20-12 @12:10pm) Instructor: Potter Dee

Description: The Three Section Staff (San Jie Gun), is a stunning mix of staff, poi, nunchucks, whip, clubs, and it’s own interesting geometries, the 3-section is really just the coolest. One of the classic weapons of China, the the san-jie-gun is as flexible on the stage as it is on the battlefield. We will cover a bit of history, construction, and a number of basic and intermediate moves. With a few months of practice, you will have a one bad ass piece of equipment to add to your routine. This is a weapon and it has a steep learning curve. Long pants, sleeves, shoes, hat, are suggested. You will get bruised and knocked around a bit during this class. I will try to bring a few extras, but it would be best for people to bring their own 3-sections. Email me for info on making/buying a good/cheap one.

Prerequisites: An understanding of how to handle a staff is necessary and some poi background would be helpful. A basic 3-section can be built from oak dowels, eye screws, and quicklinks. Make sure the middle section is wider then your shoulders.

Workshops offered at Sirius Rising 2012 at Brushwood Folklore Center:

Off – Body Hoop Dance * Instructor: Gillian Tunney

“Off – Body” hooping is when the hoop is no longer around the core of your body, instead its up over your head, being passed around your body, or hooping with your hands and arms in the vertical plane. We will be covering a lot of the basic off body moves like hand hooping in different planes, weaves, the helicopter, flips, jump ins, jump outs, we can even get into some isolations, body rolls, elbow hooping, and most importantly, we will learn how to put it all together. I can tailor this class to the level of the students and if someone has something specific they want me to go over, let me know! Bring a hoop that is smaller and more lightweight. We will have hoops for people to use.

Hoop Making / Hoop Dance Skill Share ( craft, movement ) Instructor: Gillian Tunney

Come learn how to make and decorate a hoop. We will have different types of tubing, and gaffer,duck tape, colored gaffer tape, fabric scraps,ribbons and fancy sparkly tape( for additional fee ). You are welcome to bring your own decorative materials to experiment with. Afterwards we will have an open hoop jam / skill share and i can provide tips and instruction based on student requests. If you are not interested in making a hoop, but would like to learn or share please bring your own and participate in the open jam. Materials fee varies based on the materials used: Practice hoops range from $8-12 and hoops using sparkly tapes $20-30

Intro to Staff Manipulation * Instructor: Gillian Tunney

We’ll cover all of the basics of Staff / baton, both concepts and tricks to give you a foundation so you can begin a wonderfully rewarding life full of spinning a stick and feeling totally awesome. If you’ve never spun a staff before or already have some experience, this class will prepare you with demonstration and discussion of planes, transitions, and beats as we cover figure-eights (2 beats), around-the-world, 2-hand spins ( rotors ) , tosses, and some introductory contact moves like elbow and neck rolls. Please bring a staff of any size if you have one and limited number of extras will provided.

Fire Dancing Safety Instructor: Potter Dee

From first time fire dancers to seasoned veterans, everyone could use a refresher course in fire safety to keep you on top of your game. We will cover regulations, fuels, first aid, and techniques to keep fire spinning safe. Attendance is mandatory for anyone wanting to fire dance at Sirius and identifying bracelets will be distributed to attendees.

Rope Dart Instructor: Potter Dee

So you want to spin fire but don’t have the coordination for poi? Want to be able to defend yourself from unruly robber mobs? Look like a bad-ass ninja at a moment’s notice? Want to take your poi to the next level and involve your lower body? Well have we got a class for you! Rope-dart is pretty much a heavy thing on the end of a rope you swing about to keep away enemies, but with exploration, it becomes a tool of dance and beauty. We will cover what scraps of history there are, construction of various types, and then instruction in the basic use of the dart and some theory to expand it into dance. No loose clothing like sarongs and skirts. Pants and shoes prefered.

* note: parts of this workshop description were sourced from Wildfire website

September Spin Jam!

It’ll be a cool night, but the fire will keep us warm!

Come to Lasalle Park this Sunday at 9:30 pm. Pyromancy and any fire performers are having a meet and greet to practice, play and talk. There will be a casual Fire Eating instructional as well as a Safety Training.

Photographers are welcomed! Please take photos of us and submit them to the Pyromancy website. This is a great opportunity to expand your art with some interesting subjects.

We usually reside by the Amphitheater by the river. See you there!

August Wildfire Contact Staff Workshop!

This weekend several performers from Pyromancy will be heading to August 2010 Wildfire Retreat for a weekend of workshops and fun. Wildfire is the East Coast’s premier spinning and fire arts training camp. This is a community oriented event, offering a diverse selection of over 105 classes on poi, hoop, dance, teaching, safety, business, performance, and more. This weekend-long event is held in Northeast Connecticut.

Gillian Tunney
will be teaching an Intermediate Contact Staff workshop on FISHTAILS! This workshop will be held on Saturday August 21, 4:20-5:30pm.
Course Description:

Learn fishtails! Learn the basic reverse fishtail, and how to transition into and out of it. While this class is primarily intended for the fishtail-less, we will also touch upon variations to spruce up the basic move.

Fishtails are a challenging move that I learned in baton twirling when I was younger, and is commonly used in fire contact staff to link different moves together without having to grab the staff with your hand. The baton/staff does a 1-beat twirling motion that is balanced on the back of the hand. The name “fishtail” comes from the side-to-side swimming motion the hand makes ( also it looks like you are drawing an infinity symbol with your hand when viewed from the front ), this is needed to maintain the speed and balance of the baton/staff. Hopefully once I figure out what the best way to teach this, I will make a tutorial to post here in case anyone else is interested.

As of 8/18/2010 there are 30 tickets to August Wildfire remaining, so if you are interested in going you should definitely check it out!